Buff's RV Web Site Project 2014


When XLab.com rebuilt BuffRV.com in October of 2014, we added features, redesigned graphics, and customized the site’s skin.

The old web site’s subtle elegance fit well when retired couples comprised the majority of RV buyers.  Today, active young families embrace weekend and summer camping as an easy escape and a great way to experience outdoor activities.  Given color guidance and business card samples from Carla Murphy at Buff’s, web developer Deborah Sleeper incorporated the dynamic stripes and the hilly curve of Buff’s print marketing materials into a bright new site logo and skin design.  The result was a stunning site that better represents the fun Buff’s customers find in RV camping. 

To improve the user experience and give site visitors easier access to images and information, Buff’s opted to add galleries to their site.  Sleeper also created page templates with pre-set gallery styles, contact forms, and text modules.  These tools make inventory management fast and easy for Buff’s staff while the new features help buyers envision how an RV will fit with their unique travel needs.

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